Production of high quality garments is not possible without clear organization of production and use of modern equipment.

Complete technological cycle: from fabric manufacturing to production of finished products is fulfilled in the Co.

Central Technological Laboratory performs the first step on the production. It controls raw materials (yarn and thread) and auxiliary materials coming to the factory. Laboratory if fully provided with modern means of measuring and test equipment.

Use of modern circular knitting machines of leading European Companies such as “Mayer&Cie”, “Textima”,”Jumberca”,” Zbrojovka Vsetin”,”Marchisio” allows to produce different structures of fabric: single jersey, rib, interlock, futter, velvet, French terry and some other types of fabric.

Before dyestuff and chemicals come into production they go through hard input control in chemical laboratory.

Laboratory is also developing new technologies of dyeing and printing of knitted fabrics, makes search of new and advanced materials and dyestuff for its treatment, because the production of modern garments depends not only on use of fabric and dyes of good quality but also on their variety of methods of dyeing used in the factory and also on the subjects of pictures.

Modern dyeing apparatus of German Co.”Thies” are installed in dyeing section: machines of ejector type Soft-stream, dyeing apparatus with aerodynamic way of dyeing Luft –roto-plus with multicolor effect.

With the help of this equipment different types of fabrics are produced: bleached, smooth-dyed, printed in wide color shade, in different structures and weaves. One more advantage of these dyeing apparatus is possibility of bleaching and dyeing of knitted fabrics of any weight range and of all types of fibers.

Qualitative stable fabric is received due to use of modern squeezing and drying equipment.

Squeezing machine AMK III of Co. “Weiss Textilmaschinen GmbH” is intended for continuous squeezing of circular knitted fabric with high content of cotton. Main advantage of this equipment is possibility of additional chemical treatment of fabric in the process of squeezing, the output of squeezed fabric in straightened state, without folds and its further folding.

Drying machine “RotoSwing” of German Co.”Fleissner” is equipped with vibrating conveyor the use of which allows together with drying make relaxation of fabric. This is important condition for getting fabric with good stability. Machine is equipped with electronic control system which makes drying process easier, safer and energetically more favorable. This equipment has pad bath and thanks to it is possible to make softening of fabric and also machine has system of automatic leveling of loop structure.

One of the key indicators of quality is the level of residual shrinkage and consequently the dimensional stability of ready-made garments.

For reducing residual shrinkage fabric passes through Italian calendar “Monti SpA” , is ironed, steamed there and then is cooled quickly. Sharp cooling of moist and heated fabric leads to thermal shock and further dimension stabilization thus providing additional shrinkage on about 5%. This guarantees production of stable fabrics for production of garments with good consumer properties.

Today Co. “Svitanak” manufactures garments in a wide color range, with different types of prints, embroideries and appliqués.

Equipment of Co. “Stork” allows to put print on any type of knitted fabric. Control of tension of fabric when it goes into machine and absolute accuracy of rapport provide output of high quality products.

Printing machine “Synchroprint S” from Austrian Co. “MHM” is used for screen printing. It allows to set new standards in the field of screen printing. Its distinctive features are 8 printing units and increased size of print (45x55 cm).

With the help of Japanese electronic embroidery machines of Co. ”Borudan” garments can be decorated with beads and cord and it helps to produce a variety of garments treated in different ways for grownups and children. Maximum embroidery field is 45x52 cm.

After dyeing and drying fabric comes into preparation and cutting section.

Computer-aided design layouts system (CAD) of Co. “Gerber” allows you to perform various modern constructions of garments and to make rational use of fabric.

Quick and qualitative cut of fabric is made with the help of automated cutting complex of Co.”Kuris Spezialmaschinen GmbH”.

Use in sewing production modern equipment of Co. “Yamato”,”Juki”,”Rimoldi”,”Pegasus”, ”Kansai Special” helped to improve quality of garments produced.

Stable work of the Co. is performed due to continues investments in production, energy and alternative technologies.

So in 2010 Co. acquired Italian finishing line for production of velvet fabric: dyeing apparatus “Soft Flow” , tumbler drying machine “Mistral 2010” of Co. “MCS” and shearing machine of Co. “Lafer”.

Thus, production of “Svitanak” meets the highest demands of customers because of use of modern equipment and materials, original design projects, professionalism of working personal.

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