History of the Co. began in 1975 when sewing and knitting factory – a branch of Minsk production association “Progress” was formed.

State Quality Mark assigned to our products in the second half of 1977 served as a reliable guarantee for more than 200 trade organizations in Moscow, Leningrad, Central Asia, Baltic countries. But despite this progress it was clear that Co. is capable of much more. Dependence of import materials slowed down development of production. That’s why construction of knitting factory began in 1981. The first set of the production of knitted fabric was enacted in 1985 and the second set – dyeing and finishing sections - was commissioned in 1986. In this regard in 1986 Sewing and knitting factory in Zhodino was transformed into an independent business entity – “Zhodino industrial sewing and knitting corporation”.

In the early 90s in new economic conditions it was necessary to be more flexible and ability was needed to respond quickly to changing market conditions.

That’s why in 1991 “Zhodino industrial sewing and knitting corporation” was transformed into Zhodino industrial trading Co. “Svitanak”. Co. turned into Open JSC “Svitanak” in 1994 and it was logical continuation of changes which started in 1991.

Today Open JSC “Svitanak” is recognized leader in Belarus in the production of knitted underwear and knitwear for children and adults.

The area of the Co. is 10 700 hectares. “Svitanak” is composed of knitting, dyeing, preparation and cutting , sewing shops where more than 3000 people work.

Product range of Co. is constantly updated: new styles, new articles of fabric are introduced, designs ,colors for new prints, new recipes for dyeing are developing.

Appr. 500 new styles are produced monthly.

All “Svitanak’s” collections are the result of laborious task of design centre of the Co. Our designers are young, talented, out of ordinary people who are constantly in creative search, develop and introduce new fashionable styles.

Main consumers of the Co. are Republic of Belarus (about 55% of production) and Russian Federation (40%).

Open JSC “Svitanak» sells its garments through its own branded stores and retail trade in the Republic of Belarus. And in Russia “Svitanak” sells its products in its trading houses and through big dealers. And besides that “Svitanak” supplies the garments to the markets of Germany, Finland, Czech Republic , CIS and Baltic countries (for details see “Where to buy”)

Taking care of production we don’t forget about comfortable working conditions and social sphere as of these factors moral and psychological climate of employees depends.

For employees there are different facilities such as cafeteria, café, shops. Promotion of healthy life style doesn’t stand aside. The Co. owns equipped gym with excellent hygiene and sanitary conditions.

Much attention is paid to the development of creative abilities of employees. Trade union organization of the Co. helps to organize people in different sections according to their interests and provides also a library with more than 14 000 books.

Since 2006 Hotel complex of “Svitanak” started its work. Comfortable rooms, sauna, high quality service of personal are visit card of Hotel complex.

Real factory town has grown around the factory in recent years. This is the result of active use of possibilities of cooperative building. There are 6 hostels belonging to the Co. where young people live and family people as well.

Our Co. has reached good results mainly due to daily work of each employee. Open JSC “Svitanak” is successful team of highly qualified professionals who are energetic, full of ideas and plans for further development of the enterprise. Every year the stuff is reinforced by young cadres.

Thus our Co. has all possibilities for production of qualitative garments – modern equipment and good team of highly qualified professionals.

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