Dear site visitors!

Not authorized user on the site is able:

  • to get brief information about the company,our brands,retail outlets and wholesaters.
  • to find information about approximate consumer prices for our garments in retail outlets of the Republic of Belarus.
  • to make search in the catalogue concerning all availiable information directory concerning style,model name,type of fabric,collection,etc
  • to see contact information, situation of Open JSC "Svitanak" and to contact us through the feed back form.
To get test access to the system of ordering the products in the catalogue you have to get through the Registration procedure.

Test access is given for 7 days.
In case of error in registration under input field where error was made explanation will be given.
In the field "login" from 4 to 20 Russian and English letters and numbers are admissible.

After registration and authorization are completed you will get access to a basket of order. 

You are able to see and to change your registration information by clicking on link with your surname and name which appear in the block of authorized user under word "Basket"

So as to add products into the basket you have to go into any of the assortment groups of the catalogue.For adding certain style into the basket you have to click on the yellow field with the basket under style information.After that a window with detailed information concerning sizes and heights of style appear.You can make input of the number of ordered packages or leave this window empty. After filling data about sizes you have to click once again on the yellow field with the basket.
Please pay attention that the styles in the order are added only by packages.Exact quantity of packages,pcs and sum amounts according to styles you can see in the basket of the order.

To go into the shopping basket you have to click on the orange field "Go into the basket" in the left side of the site.

Basket contains the following data:
  • product name,clicking on it detailed information about style with photo opens,
  • style
  • total quantity of packages per style
  • quantity of pcs in the package
  • total quantity of pcs per style
  • price in the selected currency

    In the test access the choice of currency of prices is absent, the work is possible only with the approximate consumer prices.
  • price of style in the selected currency

Below general line of the style there are the rows of detailed information of style per sizes and height.
The number of packages per sizes can be changed by signs + and - near with quantity of packages or by distinguishing the value and entering it manually.
By the cross which is near with the sequence number of the row you can delete either any single size or the whole style. So as to add new combination of size/height you can come into catalogue or open detailed information concerning the style,after that you have to click the product name and than to click on "Specify size and height". After you finish your work with the basket be sure to save the changes.

So as to send your order fill the contact information in the form under the list of the syles and click "Send". The copy of the order in Excel format will be sent to you on the address pointed in the field "E-mail" of the feed back form. Don't form the order too long.

If the order is not sent within several days some styles can be deleted from the catalogue. In that case they will be automatically deleted from your basket.

After sending the order the basket is cleaned and sent order is moved to the history of orders.

History of orders is available for regular clients after authorization and also additional documents and materials in the chapter "Useful information".

After you finished the work with the system don't forget to click on "Exit" on the left in the basket.


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