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Cloths for youth always stood alone among all other types of clothing. Young people, no doubt, always are innovators and they first absorb all latest tendencies in the world of fashion. And in the last years fashion in garments for youth changes faster and faster. Young people become more and more relaxed. And it means bright images, emphasized individuality, innovative design solutions, originality in all things. All this is in collections of trade brand “EGO” of “Svitanak”.

Brand name is chosen not accidentally. EGO in translation from Latin means “I am personality, human individuality”. To be different from others is credo of most teenagers.

How to know the garments of collection? It’s very simple: the word EGO is present on all products of this brand. Youth likes so much inscriptions on their cloths! Drawings, inscriptions, even whole texts have always been fashionable details and our designers take it into account when designing new collections for young people. There are jumpers for men and women, women’s trousers, men’s and women’s jackets, blouses, linen sets.

Characteristic feature of collection is its bright color shade: red, burgundy. This variety of colors enjoys as until recently domestic products were dull and boring, and in collections of EGO is original cut, exclusive combination of colors and materials, youth design, exclusive pictures. It’s not just clothes, it’s lifestyle, it is your exclusive “I”

Are you looking for vivid images? Are you tired of wearing the same things as everybody wear? Do you want to look stylish and modern?

The lime of youth clothing is your choice!

Линия молодежной одежды ЭГО

Линия молодежной одежды ЭГО

Линия молодежной одежды ЭГО


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